Drug Addiction Signs

A drug addiction at times can be very apparent to observers, while other times, a person can keep their addiction hidden from even their closest loved ones. We should all be aware of the drug addiction signs, so that we can help if a loved one is struggling. Someone who suspects a loved one is addicted to drugs should take action quickly. The longer a person continues in drug addiction, the harder it is to recover from it. On the other hand, the insight of a caring family member who offers to help the person get into treatment can enable that person to recover more quickly.

Symptoms of Drug Abuse

Sometimes drug addiction is obvious. Symptoms of a person high on stimulant drugs include restlessness, rapid speech, decreased appetite, weight loss, and paranoia. Depressants, including prescription painkillers, cause drowsiness, confusion, memory loss, slurred speech, and lack of coordination. Friends and loved ones may also see visible signs of drug abuse, such as a bong, pipe, and other drug paraphernalia. If you have seen visible signs or symptoms that someone you care about is abusing drugs, talk to the person and try to get them to accept help.

Looking More Closely

When it is not clear if a loved one is under the influence of drugs, it may be necessary to investigate further to determine if help is necessary. Someone who is hiding a drug addiction may become suddenly withdrawn from family and friends. They may demand more privacy or time away from people they once spent time with. They also will pull away from doing things they once enjoyed. As a drug addiction slowly takes control over someone's life, they will begin to neglect responsibilities, and pull away from their normal life.

It is important to get help for an addiction, but many people won't take that first step on their own. It may be necessary for you, the loved one, to find out about treatment options, and then talk to your family member. Tell them you are concerned about them and offer to help them get into a treatment program that will help them recover.