Candid Celebrity Addiction Recovery Stories

Substance abuse and celebrities often share the spotlight; drawing controversy, speculation and drama wherever they travel. And though many have fallen to the pitfalls of excess and fame, it's important to note the many that have rebounded from the depths of substance abuse addiction. In this entry, we will focus on a few candid celebrity recovery success stories.

Drew Barrymore’s Early Addiction

Miss Barrymore was raised in an acting environment and discovered drugs at a younger age than most. Drew has a very interesting celebrity addiction recovery story, an alcoholic by age 11, she quickly progressed to marijuana and cocaine before attempting suicide at age 14. While the signs all pointed towards yet another Hollywood tragedy, a determined Drew was able to clean her life up following a rehabilitation stint, becoming one of America’s top actresses. These days, the E.T. star heads her own production company and looks better than ever. Learn

Robin Williams’ Cocaine-laden Past

Comedian Robin Williams has a long list of hits under his belt, including Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams and many more. But earlier in his career, the actor was an avid cocaine user. Following the death of friend and fellow comedian John Belushi, Williams decided to get clean; entering a treatment facility and enjoying a thriving, sober film career, which shows no signs of slowing.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Impactful Drug Addiction

During his early career, actor Samuel L. Jackson was a cocaine addict and alcoholic. His addiction impacted his theater career, robbing him of the opportunity to perform in two shows that ultimately made it to Broadway. Following an overdose, the actor entered a rehabilitation facility at the urging of his friends and family. The newly sober Jackson applied his experience with addiction into his first post-rehab role in Spike Lee's 'Jungle Fever', propelling the actor into a long and prosperous Hollywood career.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Early And Extended Substance Abuse

The Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man actor first experimented with marijuana at age 6. Robert was raised in a home where drug use was commonplace, ultimately developing a serious cocaine and heroin addiction. Extremely talented with a sure shot at stardom, Downey's addictions soon landed him in legal trouble, costing him his Ally McBeal role and the opportunity to appear in the film 'America's Sweethearts. After hitting bottom, Robert Downey Jr. entered a rehabilitation facility, quitting the habit once and for all. These days, Mr. Downey is a Hollywood icon.

Oprah Winfrey’s Cocaine Use

According to her ex-boyfriend Randolph Cook, daytime legend Oprah Winfrey was once heavily addicted to cocaine. Cook has alleged that Oprah regularly used crack cocaine, and was even high during the taping of her daily talk show. Though Oprah has publicly confessed to using cocaine in the past, the extent of her use has never been verified. These days, Miss Winfrey is one of the highest paid women in the world.

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