Bath Salts Now Traceable in Urine Tests

The name bath salts are becoming increasingly well known, in the past year especially. Bath salts news has been all over the place and what most people know is that they are a synthetic type drug that causes people to do crazy things. Many may also know that the compounds in bath salts are unknown so people really do not know what they are taking. Those who have followed the stories may even know that there was no way to detect the drug in someone's system because the ingredients were unknown. However, laboratories have now developed testing for the drug, and local probation offices are utilizing the technology saying bath salts now traceable.

Bath Salts now traceable, doesn't mean people will stop using them

According to the American Association of Poison Control, 6,138 calls were made in 2011 related to the use of bath salts. Texas banned synthetic drugs altogether in 2011 but the number of users has still increased significantly. Associate Director for the Texas Tech University Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery, George Comiskey said that “Bath salts are even more damaging than the drug it aims to mimic. Once somebody starts using something that changes how they feel, and then it becomes something not only that they like, but now, something that they need. Addiction can be triggered by a number of reasons, including a deep rooted issue. There's something beyond the drug use that says I'm not okay with myself.”

Young people do not understand the damage that bath salts and other synthetic drugs causes. There is damage done to the entire endocrine system in the brain and the damage is long term. Thankfully, there are now tests available that detect synthetic drugs. The Texas Poison Center reports that exposure to the drug continues to climb, even just months after the ban was enacted. The test is a simple urine analysis, which runs approximately $45.

Lets stop it before it gets any worse

In February and June of 2012, the use of bath salts spiked again, this is pretty common though at these times of the year since this is when most people experience a change in their schedules with school ending for the year and the holiday seasons. The message to parents is this, if you suspect your child is using synthetic drugs buy a test and check it out before it is too late. If they do have an addiction problem please call us at 888-966-9279 or contact us by email.