3 Tips On Fighting Addiction The Holistic Way

When it comes to addiction recovery, prospective patients are afforded a variety of treatment options. From luxury facilities to holistic platforms, addicts must evaluate and assess each avenue in order to properly address their individual needs and goals.

Treatment plans used in many rehabilitation programs are now a mix of holistic care, like yoga, meditation and equine therapy; and traditional modalities such as group and individual therapy.

Holistic treatment options have achieved popularity and praise from experts and patients alike.

3 Holistic Tactics For Addiction Treatment


1 – Care For Your Mind And Attitude

Though the brain serves as your body’s control center for thought and emotion, these areas are your choice alone. Caring for the mind that guides behavior, attitude and thought may take some practice, but with a little determination and persistence, the actions will become second nature. Making positive decisions on a daily basis can steer your brain away from toxic and negative thoughts that prompt substance abuse and addiction in the first place.

Reading is a wonderful exercise and exceptional alternative to TV. Not only will this extend resolve during tough periods, but offer education and tools to better combat cravings and negativity.

2 – Care For Your Physical Body

Physical activity is crucial to the recovery process. Finding a workout that is enjoyable will make the act of exercise all of the more appealing. Do you enjoy swimming, lifting or yoga? Do you like to run? What about basketball or hiking? Whatever activity you happen to choose, it’s important you make an effort to include it in your schedule throughout the week.

3 – Care For Your Soul - Your Inner You

Alcohol and drug abuse can take a hefty toll on your spirit. Establishing a solid relationship with the core “you” is vital to a healthy and long-lasting recovery. A “soul”, however you choose to define it, requires nourishment, love, recognition and gratitude in order to thrive.

Mediation is a wonderful place to start. Though the act of sitting quiet and alone may evoke some initial anxiety, routine participation in this activity will ultimately promote a positive and healthy mindset. Start with 10 minutes, extending sessions by an additional 10 minutes per day. No “skill” is required; simply sit, eyes closed in silence, and listen to what comes to you.

Integration Of Holistic Treatment Tactics

After routine participation of each area, integration of the 3 will occur naturally. Treat yourself well during the transition into a new, sober lifestyle. Though the road may be rocky at times, there’s nothing quite like a view from the top.

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