Meet Michael Gonzales

Drug & Alcohol Intervention Specialist in Arizona

Michael Gonzales - Drug and alcohol Intervention Specialist

Decision Point Center is excited to have the opportunity to team up with the nationally accredited Michael Gonzales, who has been a beacon of hope for so many people across America struggling with drug addiction and alcohol addiction. Growing up in poverty and turning to a street gang at an early age for a sense of guidance, Michael had it rough, to say the least. He was in jails and correctional institutions for a large part of his life. Drug and alcohol addiction that ran in his family eventually grasped him, but today, he is thriving and sharing his message of spiritual recovery. Indeed, Michael admits to still being in recovery because it is an ongoing, lifelong process.

Michael has a love and respect for Decision Point Center because we helped him start his path to recovery and sobriety. Being an alumnus at Decision Point Center, Michael Gonzales knows the true definition of an accredited program such as Decision Point Center by first hand experienced. 12 years ago, he came to us as a patient and discovered a way to a better life without the struggles that come with addiction. Today, he is a nationally-recognized interventionist and featured on the popular A&E show Intervention. Michael Gonzales has been trained and coached by the industries best making him a standout in our industry.

Due to his background, Michael can genuinely understand and connect with individuals who come to our treatment center. He also has the strong ability to reach out to the family of people in Michael Gonzales Invervention on A&Erecovery, utilizing approachable coaching techniques so that long term success can be achieved. By working together, Michael Gonzales and Decision Point Center are striving each and every day to improve the lives of people in need of guidance, support, and real help.

What is Recovery First Interventions?

The driving core principal idea of Recovery First Interventions is that effective solutions for recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction should be made available to all those who seek it in earnest. It can be too tempting for people and their families to throw money at the problem of addiction with no success due to a lack of future planning and treatment management.

At Recovery First Interventions, Michael’s team is comprised of leading intervention, rehabilitation, and recovery professionals. What makes Recovery First Interventions so unique is that each team member is also in drug or alcohol recovery themselves. They translate that real experience into compassionate, effective support for the people who come to them for help.

For more information about Decision Point Center in Prescott and our latest opportunity to team up with Michael Gonzales, please call (844) 292-5010. If you or someone you know needs help overcoming addiction, and is in need of an intervention, contact us to learn about our approach and how to be placed in our Arizona addiction treatment center.


  • Decision Point Center "I am eternally grateful for having been a client at a facility that never gave up on me, and for being employed at the same facility so that I can help others on their journey through the recovery process."
  • Decision Point Center "Decision point gave me the key to unlock a lifetime of happiness."
  • Decision Point Center "Life is a rollercoaster to enjoy not the insanity of a merry go round and I am so grateful for that!"
  • Decision Point Center "Today I live a full life that I never thought I was capable of."
  • Decision Point Center "The therapists were persistent and motivating in my progress."
  • Decision Point Center "They helped me to rebuild my self-esteem and confidence to become a man of integrity."