Life Skills Development

Learning how to live a better, more independent life

Decision Point Center helps clients learn the skills of healthy independent living and establish the positive behaviors that will serve them long into the future. Oftentimes, the skills needed to shop for and prepare nutritious meals, take care of the home, and personal hygiene may need to be rethought or simply followed regularly to regain a sense of control and self-respect. But other crucial life skills such as financial literacy and interviewing techniques are often completely overlooked in today's test-focused school curriculums. Decision Point provides a wide range of life skills to ensure that our clients have the ability to live healthier, happier independent lives whether returning home or starting a new life after therapy.

Life Skills Development Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Activities for daily living such as cooking and food preparation, washing of clothes and dishes, and maintaining a clean environment
  • Financial literacy 
  • Resume writing and job seeking skills
  • Nutrition
  • Writing skills
  • Cooperation
  • Trust building
  • Decision making
  • Positive risk taking
  • Expression and resolution of feelings
  • Self-esteem and confidence building
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership skills
  • Physical exercise