45-Day Extended Residential Treatment Program

Extended treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issues, and failure to launch.

extended care programIn some cases, clients, their families, and the treatment team agree that a longer term stay may be warranted. This is extended period of treatment allows for further stabilization from addictive behaviors and in some cases, more in-depth treatment of mental health and trauma-related issues.

However, the 45-Day Extended Treatment Program also provides additional therapies and services focused on addressing failure to launch issues. Some of these include: life skills counseling including money management, banking skills, resume writing and interviewing skills, and educational and vocational consulting, and more.

We find that for many clients, addiction and substance use disorder are outgrowths of a perceived inability to engage with life on one’s own terms. We believe that this perception is due to a lack of emotional maturity and an inability to take responsibility for one’s self and future.