45-Day Residential Inpatient Rehab

Our 45-Day Residential Treatment Program addresses substance use and mental health disorders to help clients achieve the resilience needed to sustain a healthy, and productive life.

45 day residential programTreatment for drug and alcohol addiction and misuse in our 45-Day Inpatient Drug Rehab Program involves a combination of behavioral and holistic therapies designed to achieve cessation from alcohol and drugs, an understanding of the causes of the disease of addiction, the ability to identify “triggers” for relapse, and the wherewithal to navigate one’s way back on track by seeking appropriate help should relapse occur.

Decision Point’s Primary Care Program represents the most intensive and complete drug and alcohol rehab options available anywhere today.

Gary D. Hees, MA, LPC, President & Clinical Director

Should the client or the clinicians at Decision Point Center determine that deeper therapeutic work on underlying mental health issues, and/or educational and vocational counseling be of significant benefit to the client, he or she may elect to stay on for our 45-day Extended Residential Treatment Program. All 45-Day Residential Treatment clients live and receive treatment at Decision Point’s Prescott, Arizona treatment center.

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