Building Emotional Maturity

Emotional Maturity and Motivation are the keys to life-long management of substance use disorders and a purpose-filled life.

At Decision Point, our mission is not just cessation, it’s engagement. Stopping substance abuse and misuse is essential to restoring a healthy body. But getting men and women to actively engage in setting their own course in life and begin to walk that path is the way to restoring a healthy mind. Many of our clients come to us feeling that they lack the direction or ability to move forward in education or working life. We believe that at its core, this perceived inability to engage with life on one’s own terms is due to a general lack of emotional maturity needed to face one’s responsibility to self, and the idea that we must find, access and hone our unique gifts.

Our Emotional Maturity & Motivation Model is designed to help young people develop the mentality needed to successfully gain momentum in life.