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Overcome Drug Addiction with Professional Support

At Decision Point Center, we help serve the residents in Phoenix, and we earnestly believe that everyone can overcome drug addiction. But for so many people, they struggle and think they cannot because they do not have the right support systems and have not completed the right drug addiction treatments and rehabilitative programs. It would be our honor to be the team you trust to show you to the recovery path that works best for you. Our holistic approach to drug addiction recovery considers your wellbeing in every way, so you feel like a complete, healthy, and happy person by the end of your treatment schedule.

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One Center for Various Drug Addictions

Many people associate drug addiction with dangerous street-level narcotics. The reality is that there are many different types of addictive substances that people can encounter, and a large percentage of them are available through legitimate prescriptions. No matter what drug has threatened your health, your job, and your connection to your friends and family, we are confident we can create a rehabilitation and addiction treatment course that challenges it effectively.

We have helped people overcome all sorts of addictions, including but not limited to:

Are You Addicted to a Drug?

Drug addiction symptoms are not always obvious, which can make them unexpectedly dangerous. Subtle symptoms can linger unnoticed, gradually causing serious harm to your physical, mental, and emotional health. They can also be so subtle that you might be convinced that you do not have a drug addiction problem when everyone else in your life is certain that there is a serious issue.

A few subtle warning signs of drug addiction can include:

  • Worsened hygienic habits
  • Uncharacteristic mood swings or paranoia
  • New school or employment conflicts
  • Lethargy or apathy
  • Financial struggles
  • Insomnia or night sweats

Please be aware that self-diagnosis is never optimal. If you think you might be developing a drug addiction issue, then you should reach out to a professional who can evaluate your symptoms. Your doctor can give a medical perspective on some of your symptoms, and our team here at Decision Point Center might be able to explain other issues during initial discussions.

Find Your Path to Recovery

Ever since we opened our doors in 2004, Decision Point Center has been helping people rediscover themselves by challenging the burdens caused by drug addiction. Our approach to rehab and treatment relies on seeing everyone as a unique individual who will need personalized care. To make certain you are provided the best chance of overcoming addiction, we can perform a careful evaluation of your symptoms, your health, your work, your family life, and so much more to decide upon a treatment program we think would be best suited for you.

Some of our patients prefer to use a 45-to-90-day inpatient program once they understand the extensive dangers of their drug addiction. Others can use our intensive outpatient program that creates a nice, flexible balance between continuing your life like normal and seeking effective treatments. In both programs, there are many choices of therapy options, too, such as support groups, enrichment activities, and so forth. The goal is to make something truly unique to you because you deserve nothing less.

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Patients Who Chose Recovery

Share Their Experiences
  • “What a year it has been, only my really close family and friends know what I have been through, in the process of healing and moving on it’s time for me to tell you all what has gone on. Those of you ...”

    - Leigh G.
  • “This place changed my life. It gave me the tools to succeed and overcome my addiction.”

    - Peter O.
  • “I am off to a new chapter in my life and I am blessed for coming to Decision Point.”

    - Lauri A.
  • “I can't thank Decision Point enough. This was my second time in rehab and I feel like I truly got it right this time.”

    - Jonathan R.
  • “Upon arrival at Decision Point Center, I felt I was in the right place. I am leaving with a true sense of a healthy body, mind, and spirit.”

    - Andy

What Sets Decision Point Apart?

  • Continuum of Care

    At Decision Point Center we are committed to ALWAYS walking alongside you. Even once you have completed our program, we make ourselves and our resources available to you any time you need.

  • Array of Possibilities

    Just like no two individuals are alike, neither are two addictions. We offer many different services in order to ensure your program is customized to your unique needs and goals.

  • Full-Person Plan

    Unlike other centers, we treat the individual, not the addiction. We work with you both during treatment and then work to help prepare you for once you leave. The journey begins with us but continues with you.

  • Decades of Experience

    Experience one of the most comprehensive assessments in the treatment world today and we understand that in order to treat the addiction, we must also treat the underlying cause.

We're Here When You're Ready

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