What to Bring to Decision Point Center

Be Ready for Your Stay at Our Arizona Addiction Treatment Center

Our first priority is always to provide patients with a calming, welcoming environment so they can best embrace the treatment.

We encourage our patients to bring the following with them to their Arizona addiction treatment program:

  • Medical / Clinical records from previous facilities
  • Health insurance cards / RX cards / Identification cards
  • Prescriptions for APPROVED medications in original bottles (medication bottles will be turned over to the medical department upon arrival)
  • Personal hygiene articles (no alcohol based products) including shampoo, conditioner, body wash/soap, dental hygiene products, disposable razors, cosmetics, feminine hygiene products. Please try to bring enough for the duration of your stay!
  • Clothing, including casual clothes (to include pajamas, socks, workout clothes, etc.), walking shoes / tennis shoes, jacket (appropriate to seasons) / sweater / sweatshirt. Remember to pack at least two weeks of clothing (in house washer/dryer and soap are provided), both indoor and outdoor clothing. Clothing must not display suggestive language, obscene pictures, drug/alcohol advertisements, or any other inappropriate references. Clothing must be modest and appropriate in nature.
  • MUSIC ONLY I-pods / MP3 players
  • Sunglasses / Hat / Sunblock
  • Cell phone / charger
  • Nicotine products. Our campuses do allow nicotine products. Please plan accordingly and bring enough for the duration of your stay.

Optional items you may bring include:

  • An extra blanket (no comforters or bedspreads)
  • Stationary, pens, stamps, etc.
  • Watch / alarm clock
  • Reading material deemed appropriate for recovery by staff

Do NOT bring:

  • Your personal vehicle
  • Scissors, mace, knives, etc. or weapons of any kind
  • Laptops, tablets / kindles, gaming devices/ consoles or internet capable devices
  • Cash, credit / debit cards or check books
  • Medications not already pre-approved or without a prescription
  • Over the counter medication
  • Expensive jewelry, clothing or high value items
  • Protein, energy, steroid, or weight control products of any kind

If you have any questions regarding what should or should not be brought into treatment, please feel free to reach out to us at
(844) 292-5010.