Drug Rehab Near Phoenix, Arizona

Drug Rehab 2 Hours from from Phoenix, AZ at Decision Point Center

Phoenix suffers from a drug problem, with many users in need of drug rehab to overcome their addiction and substance use disorder. Arizona was recently declared the “largest drug gateway into America", with Phoenix serving as a “hub for illicit activity” related to illegal substances. With heroin use on the rise in Arizona, Phoenix is facing higher addiction rates due to lower cost drugs. A 2013 report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found a rise in the number of hospital admissions for Phoenix methamphetamine users. It is obvious that these issues affect many, demonstrating the need for users to seek quality drug rehab near Phoenix.


Drug Addiction Destroys Phoenix Families

Drug addiction can tear apart the lives of not only the user, but also the lives of friends and loved ones. When one struggles with addiction or substance use disorders, valuable relationships can be damaged, and plans for the future may be thrown into jeopardy. Those with substance abuse problems may feel their addictions and bad habits are too difficult to fight, but this doesn’t have to be the case if they are willing to seek proper treatment via drug rehab near Phoenix. Less than two hours to the north in Prescott, AZ, Decision Point Center, a dedicated drug rehab facility, is one of the most effective ways to ensure that one receives the right care in the right environment. Our comprehensive drug rehab program attacks addiction from every angle, combining modern, tested approaches to set you on course for a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

A Different Approach to Beating Substance Abuse Disorders

At Decision Point, we don’t label everyone who comes in our door as an “addict”. While addiction is a real problem, there are varying levels of substance abuse disorders – some of which can be underpinned by other mental health issues. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all view of treatment, Decision Point assesses each client as an individual to determine the unique problems that give rise to their drug use. This ensures that each client receives the drug rehab that is tailored to them, and thus the best treatment for their own situation. This approach sets Decision Point Center apart as a leading providers drug rehab centers near Phoenix.

Take Back Your Life Today With Decision Point

Drug users in Phoenix, AZ need to realize that seeking proper care is crucial to breaking the cycle of addiction, and that they will find excellent care at Decision Point Center. Decision Point is a leading provider of drug rehab located 2 hours from Phoenix, offering care from a team of experts committed to treating substance abuse disorders. We know that change is difficult, especially when trying to beat substance abuse disorders. But we also know that not changing is even harder, for you and your loved ones. Make the Decision to take back your life today with drug rahab at Decision Point Center.