Addiction Treatment for Southern Californians

"Getting away from it all" is as relevant to addiction treatment as it is to vacation. Temporarily leaving behind the demands of a hectic, always-on, and unhealthy lifestyle is sometimes the key to finding lasting recovery. Prescott, Arizona is just a short hop from LAX, but it's a world away from life in L.A.

Decision Point welcomes many clients from the greater Los Angeles area. They come to the high desert country of Prescott, AZ to gain the space, time and treatment needed to heal in quiet, comfortable and naturally beautiful surroundings not far from home. A non-stop flight from LAX to PHX takes just 90 minutes and costs about $100. The short drive from Phoenix to Prescott takes you through cactus-dotted mountain vistas and cloudless blue skies. As you ascend 6,000 feet to Prescott's high perch above sea level, you will feel transported in place and time to a more serene, slow-paced way of life. The casual nature of this historic town and life at Decision Point will allow you to put down the responsibilities, people, places and things that trigger and enable your addiction, and focus exclusively on healing.

Decision Point offers experienced, Joint Commission Accredited addiction treatment to Californians who need to put some distance between themselves and their family, friends and lifestyle. We may also be able to offer more treatment options and a higher client-to-staff ratio than comparable or higher-priced California treatment programs. And we're experienced at working with insurers to advocate for your addiction treatment coverage to keep your out-of-pocket costs to a minimum.

Decision Point makes it easy and accessible for California clients to receive the highest quality addiction treatment in a beautiful, safe environment close to home. Consider these advantages...

  • Putting distance between "triggers" and lifestyle can be therapeutically beneficial

  • A short 90-minute, $100 direct flight from LAX to PHX

  • High quality, professional and accredited treatment close to SoCal

  • Treatment programs ranging from 2 weeks to 90 days, plus 3-6 mo. transitional living

  • A 15-Day Comprehensive Assessment provides more information to personalize treatment

  • We work to make residential inpatient treatment affordable through insurance utilization and financing options

Please take a moment to watch our short video below. You can also Verify Your Insurance Coverage here or click the blue button below.

To learn more about our programs, please call Decision Point's experienced Admission Councellers Brad Callow, Adam Lebeau or Andrea Felipe at 877-772-3648. If we find that your needs could be better met by another treatment program, we will try to recommend a facility able to provide the care you need.