Family Workshop

It has long been said that addiction is a family disease so it only makes sense to offer a portion of treatment based on family therapy to each client. At Decision Point Center, we offer an intensive 3 day family workshop designed to promote emotional intimacy, honesty and to rebuild authentic relationships with family.

This program teaches communication, boundary skills and support in learning how to effectively speak to family members and share delicate emotions and experiences. Clients discover how to listen from a place of openness and compassion. The end result is the restructured connection that your family has been missing.

Family therapy in substance abuse treatment uses the entire family by working off of their strengths to enable the client to live without substances. Damage has been done to the entire family and each person in the family has special needs that must be addressed. Most of these people do not yet even know what their needs are. The work can often be extensive but never impossible. It is also essential to put forth every effort to make sure that future generations are not impacted by substance abuse.

Recovery is Relative

Family Therapy


All DPC clients are welcome to participate in Family therapy if they receive a readiness assessment from their Decision Point Center treatment team. Please ask DPC admissions for details.

Family Therapy Activities*:

Young Adult

  • Experimental exercises
  • Interactive group discussions
  • Psycho-educational presentations

*Different or additional activities may be offered as part of this program. Ask DPC admissions for details on current offerings.

Family Therapy Clients will benefit from this program by:

  • Improved communication
  • Boundary setting
  • Trust-building
  • Family sculpting
  • Positive risk taking
  • Expression/resolution of feelings

Family Therapy Treatment Goals:

  • To experience a healthy family connection
  • To help you communicate openly and honestly with family
  • To learn about emotions and boundaries
  • To understand how family dynamics impact current relationships
  • To promote fun, laughter and play in recovery

Wow, this week has been very encouraging, life changing and healing for me. By having me step out of my comfort zone, I was able to be honest with myself and my family and together we have experienced some major healing. -Steven — Actual DPC Client

There was a level of peace and acceptance that helped me to be present and kept me on my toes. -Karen — Actual DPC Client

I thank you! I feel a bigger part of my daughter’s recovery and it made me realize I have a (recovery) process to follow. I feel closer to my daughter than ever before! -Mike — Father of Actual DPC Client